“Alan Williams captivates audiences by taking them on an exploration of human potential. This journey unlocks creativity to explode the power of innovative solutions in our rapidly changing industries, communities and world.  Alan's work with my organization has advanced the critical thinking skills required to stay on the cutting edge of business today.  Alan leads the thought leadership industry with his brilliant perspective on creativity and innovation." 

- Suzanne Leonard, CEO



Creativity:  The Power to Trend TEDx by Alan Williams

Creativity: The Power to Trend | Alan Williams | TEDxCollegeoftheCanyons

Innovation, creativity and the ability to adapt to a changing world are some of the most pressing concerns of any organization.  How leaders successfully engage their team in the innovation process and their ability to capitalize on change will determine how competitive, profitable and prepared for the future their business will be. 

Silverscreen Consulting is passionate about innovation and creativity.  It is dedicated to inspiring leaders and organizations to successfully innovate and thrive in a complex world.  Through the creative vision of the award-winning Hollywood film composer Alan Williams, Silverscreen Consulting provides highly engaging multi-media workshops, seminars and keynotes on the topics:

      • Innovation and Creativity
      • Change-Management
      • Custom innovation strategies
      • Becoming a Creative Leader

These topics and seminars are intended for:

      • Executives
      • Leaders
      • Organizations
      • Educational Institutions
      • Human Resources
      • Corporate Training
      • Sales

As a leader, you and your organization will acquire tools to assist in aligning your organization’s process and perspective to successfully drive innovation.

Alan Williams has traveled the world to provide innovative solutions for global business, education, sales and other organizations in more than 30 countries.

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